Fast charging power supply 42W BA-K030VA-Z

    Fast charging power supply 42W BA-K030VA-Z

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    ‎Fast charging power supply 42W BA-K030VA-Z48 download-pdf

    ‎Main technical characteristics‎



    ‎Type of USB connectors‎

    ‎USB, USB Type-C‎

    ‎Maximum output power‎


    ‎Input voltage‎


    ‎Type of entrance‎


    ‎Output USB‎


    ‎Input USB Type-C‎

    ‎5V/3A, 9V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A‎

    ‎Operating temperature‎

    ‎From 0‎‎⁰C‎‎ to 40‎‎⁰C‎

    ‎Storage temperature‎

    ‎-25‎‎⁰C‎‎ to 85‎‎⁰C‎

    ‎Dimensions (with plug) in mm‎

    63x60x30 (108x60x30)

    ‎Fast charging power supply 42W BA-K030VA-Z‎

    ‎Almost all major manufacturers of smartphones and chips for them have their own fast charging standard. ‎
    ‎Class A chargers with a micro-USB cable can provide up to 24W of power, and with a USB Type-C - up to 36 W. Meanwhile, class B devices reach 60 W and above.‎

    ‎In contrast to the classic chargers for battery batteries, most fast-charging power units are also "smart", they "communicate with smart devices through a special protocol: the smartphone sends information to the charger about the state of the battery, on the basis of which the incoming power is regulated, changing the voltage and current strength. The power unit gives the greatest power when charging an almost empty battery - so it is accepted to evaluate the effectiveness of fast charging based on the time during which the battery is charged to 50 percent.‎

    ‎Currently, there is no common standard for fast charging, so there is not a single fast charging technology, which (not all) must be supported not only by the device, but also by the battery.‎

    ‎Summary‎‎ table‎‎ ‎‎of fast charging technologies‎‎:‎




    ‎Maximum power‎


    Quick Charge 2.0

    5/9/12/20 V

    >15 W


    Quick Charge 3.0

    ‎3.2-20 V‎

    >15 W

    Lenovo (Motorola)


    5/9/12 V

    ‎25.8 Watts‎


    Adaptive Fast Charging

    5/9 V

    ‎15 watts (Printing)‎

    BBK (Oppo)

    VOOC Flash Charging

    5 V

    ‎25 watts (Printing)‎

    BBK (OnePlus)

    Dash Charge

    5 V

    ‎20 watts (Printing)‎


    Super Charge

    5 V

    ‎22.5 Watts‎


    Super mCharge

    11 V

    ‎55 watts (Printing)‎

    USB Implementers Forum

    USB Power Delivery

    5/12/20 V

    ‎100 watts (Printing)‎

    Fast charger standards 

    Quick Charge, Super Charge, Super mCharge, TurboPower, Pump Express, VOOC Flash Charging, Dash Charge
    USB Type-C

    ‎The charger has a basic mode that is suitable for all devices. In it, the voltage is limited to 5V and the current is limited to 3.2 A (indicated in the technical specification). Therefore, do not worry about the fact that using a high-performance charger will damage a device that does not support it.‎

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