Conversations between rooms

Conversation room to room - equipment and solutions designed to realize conversations between rooms in commercial (stores, customer-cash register, offices), public institutions (hospitals, polyclinics, service centers, stations, elevators) or in the private sector. Talking between rooms intercoms.

Solutions presented in the category: Customer-cash register, GSM intercom for elevators and lifts, Receptionist offices, polyclinics and bus stations, GSM emergency call (for police/emergency or urgent assistance).

Customer - cash register

An audio (sound) inter-room communication device...

GSM intercom for elevators and lifts

GSM intercom device for elevators and elevators - an...

For receptions, polyclinics and bus stations

For reception desks, polyclinics and bus stations - the...

GSM emergency call (for police/emergency)

GSM emergency call (for the police/emergency) - an audio...

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In both commercial and public settings, effective communication between rooms is essential for smooth operations and ensuring seamless interactions. Various equipment and solutions have been developed to facilitate conversationsroom to room in diverse environments, including commercial stores, customer-cash registers, offices, hospitals, service centers, stations, and even private residences. 

Customer-Cash Register Communication:

In commercial establishments like stores and customer-cash register areas, efficient communication between staff members is crucial for providing excellent customer service and managing transactions smoothly. Intercom systems equipped with features like two-way audio communication and hands-free operation enable seamless communication between cashiers, sales associates, and managers, ensuring efficient operations and timely assistance to customers.

GSM Intercom for Elevators and Lifts:

Elevators and lifts in buildings often require reliable communication systems to ensure the safety and security of visitors. GSM intercom systems for elevators provide a convenient solution for passengers to communicate with building management or emergency services in case of any issues or emergencies. These systems utilize cellular networks to establish communication, ensuring connectivity even in areas with poor signal reception.

Receptionist Offices, Hospitals and Bus Stations:

In environments like receptionist offices, and bus stations, where individuals may need to communicate with staff members situated in different rooms or areas, intercom systems play a vital role in facilitating smooth and efficient communication. Advanced intercom solutions equipped with features like call forwarding, call transfer, and group calling capabilities enable seamless communication between different departments or locations, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer service.

GSM Emergency Call Systems:

For environments where urgent assistance may be required, such as police stations, emergency rooms, or service centers, GSM emergency call systems provide a reliable means of communication for summoning help quickly. These systems allow individuals to initiate emergency calls with the press of a button, automatically notifying designated personnel or emergency services, thus ensuring prompt response to critical situations and enhancing safety and security.

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