For indoor conditions

Transform your indoor security infrastructure with our indoor electromagnetic locks. Specially designed for indoor conditions, these electromagnetic locks (magnets) feature a combination of advanced technology and durability. Designed for easy installation, they integrate seamlessly into your interior spaces and offer a robust controlled access solution.

Our indoor electromagnetic locks offer a high level of security and ensure that your door remains firmly secured. With a focus on reliability, these locks are designed to withstand the demands of indoor use and provide a long-lasting solution to your access control needs.

o Whether you are protecting offices, retail premises or other indoor environments, our electromagnetic locks are a versatile and effective solution. Experience the synergy of cutting-edge design and enhanced security features, giving you peace of mind at every access point.

For indoor conditions - electromagnetic lock (magnet).

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Upgrate your indoor security infrastructure with our diverse range of state-of-the-art electromagnetic locks. Specifically engineered for indoor conditions, our electromagnetic locks, also known as magnets, are designed to provide unparalleled security and access control within your indoor spaces. In our shop we offer:

Lighter Locks for Small Gate Doors:

Explore our selection of lighter locks, ideal for small and light doors. These locks strike the perfect balance between strength and practicality, ensuring secure access for smaller entrances without compromising on performance.

Locks for Plastic Doors:

For those with plastic doors, our specialized electromagnetic locks offer a secure solution tailored to the unique characteristics of plastic materials. Experience reliable access control without compromising the integrity of your plastic doors.

Locks for 180kg:

Our range includes locks designed to handle up to 180kg, delivering robust security for various indoor applications. These locks are crafted with precision engineering to withstand the demands of medium-sized doors and access points.

Indoor Locks for 280kg:

Step up your security game with our locks capable of handling up to 280kg. Perfect for high-traffic indoor areas, these locks provide enhanced security measures for larger doors and entryways.

Locks for 350kg:

When it comes to heavy-duty security, our locks designed for 350kg are the epitome of strength and reliability. Suitable for a variety of indoor environments, these locks ensure uncompromising security for your most robust access points.

Indoor Locks for 500kg:

For maximum security requirements, our indoor locks capable of handling 500kg provide an exceptional solution. These heavy-duty locks are designed to meet the stringent demands of large and high-security indoor areas.

Choose from our extensive range of electromagnetic locks to find the perfect solution for your indoor security needs. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and versatility, our locks are engineered to exceed expectations, providing peace of mind for a wide range of applications. Elevate your indoor security strategy with our advanced electromagnetic locks – where strength meets sophistication.

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