Holders for electromagnetic locks

Holders for electromagnetic locks - an element of an electromagnetic lock is designed to conveniently and reliably attach an electromagnet to different doors.

Holders for electromagnetic locks

L-shaped brackets for outward opening doors

Introducing our specialized L-Shaped Brackets,...

Z-shaped brackets for inward opening doors

Introducing our Z-Shaped Brackets, tailored for doors...

U brackets for glass frameless doors

Introducing our U-shaped brackets designed specifically...

Other mounts

Other mounts - other types of electromagnetic lock...

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Introducing our advanced range of Electromagnetic Locks, a pinnacle in electric lock technology operating on the principle of an electric magnet. These locks are designed to firmly and reliably secure doors when energized, providing an unparalleled level of security for your premises.

Ensuring the proper installation of the electromagnetic lock is our specialized lock holder. We offer a variety of options to cater to different door configurations:

L-Shaped Brackets for Outward Opening Doors: Specifically engineered for doors that swing outward, these brackets provide a secure foundation for the electromagnetic lock, ensuring optimal functionality.

Z-Shaped Brackets for Inward Opening Doors: Tailored for doors that open inward, the Z-shaped brackets are meticulously designed to accommodate the unique requirements of such configurations, guaranteeing a robust and effective locking mechanism.

U-Shaped Brackets for Glass Frameless Doors: Our U-shaped brackets are crafted to cater to the distinctive structure of glass frameless doors, offering a secure and seamless integration of the electromagnetic lock.

Experience the epitome of security with our Electromagnetic Locks and a range of meticulously designed lock holders, ensuring a tailored solution for every door type. 

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