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For metal detectors (detectors) - Security electronic device for detecting nearby metal, searching for hidden metal objects.

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Metal detector (seeker) - an electronic device designed for detecting nearby metal, searching for hidden metal objects.

     According to the purpose of use, they are divided into safety and other metal detectors. This product category includes security metal detectors: Passage (entrance) control, physical inspection handheld metal detectors, stationary arched metal detectors for airports, factories, security personnel and law enforcement agencies. Only CE compliant devices are sold.

     Different metal detectors have different levels of sensitivity: low and high sensitivity levels. Modern professional metal detectors give you the opportunity to adjust the level of sensitivity (calibration), which allows you to use them in various protected objects, for different purposes and under different conditions:

A hand-held (tactical, portable, compact) metal detector is used for physical examination of persons in order to detect the prohibited introduction (use) of metal objects in protected areas or, as an auxiliary means, using stationary metal detectors.

Stationary, arc metal detector is used for access control in premises of different security levels, in order to find out whether there is an attempt to introduce a weapon or other objects that can harm people: conferences, banking halls, airports, stadiums, public meetings and events, places of deprivation of liberty (correctional institutions , prisons, detention centers), police, clubs and other places and conditions.

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