Automatic electric closers

Automatic electric closers, closers - Hydraulic electric door closers that work automatically.

Automatic electric closers

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Automatic electric closers - Hydraulic electric door closers operating automatically, are an excellent and convenient solution to ensure efficient door closure. These closers utilize electric and hydraulic mechanisms to control door movements and ensure reliable closing.

Automatic electric closers provide several benefits:

  • Convenience: Automation allows doors to close automatically, ensuring convenience and saving time. There is no need to manually close the doors, especially when hands are occupied with carrying items or when passing through doors with hands full.

  • Safety: A secure and reliable door closure is ensured, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and protecting against theft.

  • Energy-saving: The use of automatic electric closers helps maintain indoor warmth and reduce air leakage, contributing to energy savings and minimizing heating or cooling costs.

  • Adaptability: These closers can be tailored to different types and sizes of doors, allowing for easy integration into existing door systems.

At store, you can find a wide range of automatic electric closers. Check our assortment to find the most suitable option for your doors and requirements. Automatic electric closers ensure efficient and reliable door closure, providing you with convenience, safety, and energy savings.


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