Professional Car Video Recorder MDVR-4F1AHD

    Professional Car Video Recorder MDVR-4F1AHD

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    Professional Car Video Recorder MDVR-4F1AHD  





    Operating system




    Video compression

    ASF Compression Mode


    Displays Date / Time / Vehicle ID information


    Graphical user interface

    It is possible to connect to an external LED display, set system settings using the remote control

    Video system

    Video input

    4CH 1080P AHD, aviation type connectors

    Video exit

    2CH CVBS+ VGA output (optional), 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω


    Supports 1-channel and 4-channel preview, Supports user support / Alarm Trigger in full-screen preview mode


    Supports1080P/720P/D1/CIF, Max 4 channels 1080P

    Video quality

    0-7 alloys, 0 is the highest level, 7 is the lowest level

    Video standarts

    PAL: 100f/s , CCIR625 line,50 field;

    NTSC: 120f/s, CCIR525 line,60 field;

    CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, multi levels video quality (pasirenkama);

    HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, multi levels video quality (pasirenkama);

    D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, multi levels video quality (optional);

    720P : 1Mbps~4Mbps, multi levels video quality (optional);

    1080P: multi levels video quality (optional)

    Recording mode

    The default setting is auto-save after power on. Temporary recording, alarm trigger activation and manual recording are supported


    Audio input

    8CH, connection

    Audio exit

    2CH, front panel headphone jack, rear connector for BNC connector.


    G.726 compression, 8KB / s

    Alarm input

    7CH IO Alarm input, 1CH AD input, pulse speed input; Supports alarm communication function

    Alarm exit

    2CH voltage on / off output, Supports audible optical alarm, supports fuel / oil / voltage disconnect alarm, etc.

    Communication interface

    3CH RS232, supports external devices such as POS machine, Oils, Fuel sensors, LED display and more.

    1CH 485 interface for PTZ controller, etc.

    2CH CAN sąsaja

    Wireless data transmission

    Supports integrated 3G adapter, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA with GPRS, EDGE (selected separately); Supports integrated 4G module  TTD-LTE, FDD-LTE (selected separately).

    Location system

    Supports integrated GPS / BD module (optional)

    Video storage

    Data cache

    2.5’’ HDD+ SD Card,each max 2TB HDD + 128GB SD Card mirror recording (optional) to protect data from loss


    Supports USB flash firmware update, SD card update, OTA automatic remote update (optional)

    Record format


    File system

    Special car system file system


    Front panel supports USB connection, supports USB flash drive upgrade (backups); hard drive tray (drawer) has a USB port for transferring recordings to a computer, can group video data (optional)

    video playback

    Video search

    Image search by recording time / recording type, etc.


    Max supports 4CH playback / pause / quick view / quick reverse at the same time

    Supports x2,x4,x8,x16 fast forward / rewind

    Energy supply

    Power supply 

    Adaptive wide power input, supports high spectrum voltage, Over-load protection, Over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, reverse protection. Time setting / delayed shutdown functions

    Voltage input

    DC:+8V ~ +36V



    Energy consumption

    Work mode<10W


    Operating temperature

    -20℃ - +70℃


    20% - 80%



    200 D* 187W* 62Hmm

    Neto weight


    MDVR models

    MDVR-4F1AHD (4x1080p) stock 389,00
    MDVR-4F1AHDg (+GPS)435,00
    MDVR-4F1AHDg3 (+GPS+3G)532,00
    MDVR-4F1AHDg3w (+GPS+3G+WiFi)559,00

    Set includes:

    • MDVR-4F1AHD - 1 pc.
    • HDD metal drawer (without HDD) - 1 pc.
    • HDD key - 2 pcs.
    • Avia video connector - 4 pcs.
    • Power connection with fuse - 1 pc.
    • 24 pin female connector - 1 pc.
    • 16 pin female connector - 1 pc.
    • Remote control - 1 pc.


    Key features:

    • H.264 compression, 4CH real-time 720P / 1080P HD video camera input;
    • 3CH video output (1CH CVBS video, VGA output optional);
    • An exclusive pre-allocate File System ensures data security;
    • 8-36V low power consumption;
    • The unique UPS technology ensures the integrity of the recording when the power supply is interrupted, works for 8-10 seconds for the recording to be completed correctly;
    • HDD + SD card storage (supports 2.5-inch HDD, max 128 GB SD card (optional)) protects against shock and dust damage; supports USB data backup and device update;
    • Supports 2 USB interfaces, data backup and device update;
    • Supports 9CH alarm Alarm input (1CH Analog + 8CH IO Alarm input), 2CH independent signal outputs;
    • LAN connection;
    • Support 2 CH CAN port;
    • Supports HDD heating functions, can work in harsh environments;
    • Supports integrated GPS / BD / G-sensor expansion modules (optional);
    • Supports real-time monitoring via 3G / 4G (integrated module) (optional);
    • Supports integrated WIFI module (optional), you can automatically download data;
    • Supported broadcast / intercom / sent messages, etc .; oil sensor / temperature sensor readings / POS / LED panel / remote disconnection can be monitored;
    • Supports SMS remote configuration / device management functions;
    • OTA (On-the-Air) device automatically updates the firmware - more convenient maintenance;
    • Supports voice call function (3G / 4G module (optional));
    • Support remote monitoring of your IOS / Android phone;
    • High-security aviation joints, easy to install and impact resistant, more stable.

    Product features:

    • HIS Solution, H.264 compression, multi-stream recording, 4CH 1080P AHD video surveillance camera inputs (inputs);
    • High quality real-time recording, 1080P / 720P / CIF / HD1 / D1, adjustable (adjustable) quality;
    • Professional car power supply, 8-36V voltage, provides reverse voltage protection / overload or short circuit protection;
    • Has 12VDC output voltage for camcorders / LED screen power supply, etc .;
    • Maximum memory capacity 2TB HDD + 128 GB SD card (optional) (optional). The memory storage has protection for the DVR from shock and dust damage;
    • Memory protection against improper overloading;
    • Exclusive DVR special file system technology does not split files and ensures data integrity;
    • ACC Delay can be set for 24 hours;
    • Unique UPS technology ensures recording integrity when the power supply is interrupted for up to 10-15 seconds;
    • Automatic recording / manual recording / Alarm recording, etc. operating modes can meet various requirements;
    • Shows vehicle status / route (route) / low speed / overspeed information;
    • Supports integrated GPS / BD, 3G / 4G / WIFI module (ordered separately);
    • Supports telephone configuration (SMS). Get device information and configure (3G / 4G module optional);
    • Supports video and audio tracking, intercom, PTZ, Alarm function, speed information, Geo-Fence, and more. via the remote control;
    • 8CH signal input (door opening, lighting, the direction of travel, brake, reversing, etc.) can associate alarm types;
    • 2-channel signal output, lubrication, fuel/power off, etc .;
    • High-level professional aviation-type interface, easy to install and more impact-resistant, more stable;
    • Easy-to-configure Smart GUI software saves device setup time;
    • Stable operation and communication, real-time monitoring, two-way conversation, playback, recording, etc .;
    • Convenient internal program update via SD or OTA remote automatic update;
    • Support for remote monitoring by phone, 3G phone call and more. (3G / 4G module ordered separately);
    • Supports PTZ / POS / oil sensor / LED panel, etc .;
    • The operating modes are adapted to your needs.
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