Multi-Apartment doorphone DD-5100TL AUDIO with TM reader

    Multi-Apartment doorphone DD-5100TL AUDIO with TM reader

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    DD-5100TL doorphone

    ‎Characteristics and capabilities of the DD-5100‎:
    ‎• Ability to connect up to 255 subscribers‎
    ‎• Two-way audio communication with the subscriber‎
    ‎• Two-wire line of horns‎
    ‎• Electronic TM identifier (key) reader*‎
    ‎• Remote RFID identifier (card/pendant) reader*‎
    ‎• Internal memory of 1376 identifiers‎
    ‎• Individual door unlock code for each subscriber‎
    ‎• Ability to disable the use of door unlocking codes‎
    ‎• Ability to record two Service identifiers**‎
    ‎• It is possible to unlock the door by entering the door unlock code, TM, RFID identifiers, door unlocking code with the keyboard‎
    ‎button and from each subscriber's telephone handset, during a conversation with a guest‎
    ‎• Operating temperature from -40 C to +85 C‎
    ‎• Small gauges – 120x260x30 mm‎
    ‎• A single 12V power supply powers the entire system‎
    ‎• Low power consumption. Standby mode with key illumination – 12VDC, 85mA + electronic‎
    ‎current consumed by the lock‎
    ‎• Fault indication‎
    ‎• Digital sound adjustment‎
    ‎• The ability to individually adjust the volume of the speaker, microphone and system signals‎
    ‎• The ability to block individual subscribers, or to prohibit the unlocking of doors from the handset‎
    ‎• Three types of addressation – normal, shifted range, brothel‎
    ‎• Bright, four-digit LED information display‎
    ‎• Guaranteed keyboard buttons up to 1,000,000,000 clicks‎
    ‎• Possibility to install a video surveillance camera‎
    ‎• Installation options for recessed and above-plaster (with a canopy)‎
    ‎• Audible and visual indication of operating modes‎
    ‎• Automatic keyboard lighting in the dark‎
    ‎• Possibility to connect several systems to the network‎
    ‎• System PIN code protection‎
    ‎• Protection against electroshock‎
    ‎• Unlimited number of identifiers tethered to one apartment‎
    ‎• Convenient and simple system programming‎
    ‎• Possibility for users themselves to program/change door unlock codes‎
    ‎• Ability for users themselves to program TM/RFID identifiers‎
    ‎* DD-5000T – telephone with TM key reader, DD-5000R – telephone with TM and RFID identifier readers‎
    ‎** Service identifiers are used to simplify system maintenance‎ 

    DD-5100 doorphone brochure:  Download brochure

    Installation Manual (Instructions for installer): Download manual instruction
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    98 Items

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