D-EyE 421 Portable Video Recorder

    D-EyE 421 portable video recorder

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    D-EyE 421 portable video recorder

    D-EyE 421 video recorder D-EyE 421 wireless video recorder

    All technical parameters:

    Size (mm)/Weight with battery (g)

    79x57x27 /135

    IP (resistance) IP6 6

    1 / 2.9" CMOS 5MP



    Optics/angle/diaphragm 140 °

    Exposure/image stabilization


    Video resolution

    1920x1080 /30fps,

    1280×720/30 fps,

    1280×720/60 fps,

    848×480/ 30 fps

    Video format

    H.264, AVI, MOV

    Photo resolution (max) / during photo recording

    36 mPx /+

    Sound recording


    Digital zoom

    +, 16X


    Device ID/Time/Date

    Screen 2.0″ 16:9 TFT LCD

    3.7V, 3200Ah

    Charging /direct/battery only/quick charging/charger

    + /+/-/5V-1A

    Recording time without charging

    More at 5 p.m. (480p)/up to 8 hours with IR LED

    Motion detection on/off


    Pre/delay recording/post recording/loop


    PTT function


    Memory: internal/external 64GB (16GB to 128GB)/-
    SD card support -
    AND night lighting

    2 IR LEDs, manual/auto, 5m face recognition in total darkness, 10m silhouette recognition

    WiFi/ GPS/3G/4G


    LED lighting

    1 LED

    SOS (Police) function



    MiniUSB (USB2.0)

    Quick start of filming


    Data transfer/LOG (action history) function

    Password protected (specify when ordering) -USB cable /+

    Complete set

    D-EYE 421 (64GB), charger, USB cable, 2 metal-plastic clasps, CD


    USB wire


    1 can be clipped and rotated 180 °

    1 snap-on swivel 360 °

    Automatic data storage and loading

    + (using LEIDA workstation data station - terminal)




    Operating temperature/humidity/IP

    -30 °C - 55°C/<90 %/IP66

    Outstanding features

    Large capacity battery ( optimized PI)

    Sound and light alarm function

    Quick start recording


    Options: memory expansion

    D-EyE 421 portable video recorder

    Outstanding features:

    Powerful Umbrella chip breaker / Wide 140° angle lens

    Photo maximum resolution 34 Mpx /Video maximum resolution 1920×1080/30 fps

    Powerful 3200 mAh integrated Li-Ion battery and optimized software ensure up to 17 hours of battery life. continuous video recording

    Functions of motion detection, early and delayed recording start setting

    Quick start recording function-One button start recording/Device ID/Time/Date stamp

    Powerful 2 IR LED Manual/Visual and audible alarm function/Auto illumination in low light (up to 10m)

    Memory: integrated internal 64 GB (standard) - about 13 hours. recording capacity (1080p) (selectable up to 128 GB)

    Dimensions (mm)/Weight (g): 79x57x27 /135 (with battery) + 32 (holder)

    Set: D-EYE 421 (64GB), charger DC5V/1A, USB cable, 2 metal-plastic fasteners

    Additional options:

    Memory expansion: up to 128 GB +€30 (Ask)

    Our police

    Portable video recorders are also known by other names: personal, body, portable, mobile video recorder, compact video camera, "Police", "Body" camera or "Body DVR" (Police, Body), "Low Enforcement" (law enforcement) video camera and others.

    Purpose and right

    Prevention of crime (law violations), ensuring public order, can be used during operational (intelligence) tasks

    The video recorder must be used in accordance with the personal data protection law and regulated by secondary legal acts. If you want to use the information collected by the video recorder for purposes other than determining the circumstances of the violation, it is necessary to follow the rules of personal data protection, with the exception of a criminal act being recorded.


    1. Uploading a video online poses a direct threat to a person's privacy;
    2. There is an imperative requirement for the information that was collected with a video recorder while recording an image of a social event relevant to the investigation of a violation of law: the video recording must be continuous, that is, continuous.

    D-EyE Marking: D-EyE ABC: A-Model/B-Internal Memory Capacity/C-Battery Type (Quantity)

    The D-EyE 4x1 is a professional personal recorder for law enforcement officers, designed and built for 24/7 use. In order to quickly and quickly capture the event, there are video and photo buttons on the side and front, which can be used to quickly start recording an emergency situation. Even in the power off state, you can long press and hold the video button to start recording immediately after power on so you don't miss any important situations.
    The body is flat and lightweight and can be carried for long periods of time without weighing down the officer. It can be worn with shoulder clips, back clips, magnetic clips and pin clips on a pocket, belt or other garment. To ensure long working time, D-Eye 4x1 has a built-in 3200mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Charging time is less than 4 hours, and a full charge can provide more than 17 hours of autonomous working time (video capture). It has the longest battery life.
    D-EyE 4x1 video recorders are easily configured through settings on the device itself, through a PC program or by connecting to a group charging station. These recorders are compatible with Leida data transfer stations using proprietary software.

    2. Functionality
    • Professional video/photo/audio recording, start video recording with one button, maximum video resolution 1080P, with the option to enable lower resolution.
    • Automatic/manual start of video recording, photo (up to 34 MPx) during video recording;
    • Thanks to the microphone, the device performs high-quality sound recording;
    • 2" LCD monitor allows you to conveniently view recordings on the device itself;
    •For better quality recording at dusk and in the evening, automatic and manual IR LED activation ensures face recognition up to 5 meters in total darkness.
    • Time, device and unit tag (long record name technology) for more convenient record archiving (administrator program set);
    • Ability to connect to group charging-data storage stations;
    • Record (data) protection with a password (optional). With the help of a special program, the administrator sets a password to protect records from their unauthorized deletion from the device.

    Main characteristics

    • The chip ensures stable operation of the device with low energy consumption;
    • Advanced CMOS sensor ensures accurate and bright color rendering;
    • 140-degree lens provides a wide viewing angle and image quality;
    • Professional index of resistance to external effects IP66 ensures operation in harsh conditions;
    • Small and light body with convenient holder facilitates daily operation;
    • The impact and temperature resistant plastic of the case ensures the preservation of data even after the device falls from a height of 2.5 m;
    •3200mAh lithium battery ensures video recording up to 17 hours, charging time < 4 hours;
    • IR (night) lighting in low light conditions;
    • 360-degree rotatable metalized holder allows you to securely fasten the device in a convenient place;
    • recording start buttons on the side and front of the case;
    • password protection against unauthorized deletion of the record;
    • Loop recording function - recording in a circle.

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