D-EyE X6EL22A 4G Portable Video Recorder

    D-EyE X6EL22A 4G Portable Video Recorder

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    D-EyE X6EL22A 4G Portable Video Recorder ‎Instruction download

    ‎All technical parameters:‎

    ‎Size (mm)/weight ‎‎with battery ‎‎(g)‎


    ‎IP (resistance)‎IP66

    1 / 2.9“ CMOS 5MP




    ‎Exposure/image stabilization‎


    ‎Video resolution‎


    1280×720/30 fps,

    1280×720/60 fps,


    ‎Video format‎

    H.264, AVI, MOV

    ‎Photo resolution ‎‎(max)‎‎/‎‎photo at the time of recording‎

    36 mPx/+

    ‎Audio recording‎


    ‎Digital zoom‎

    +, 16X


    ‎Device ID/Time/Date‎

    ‎Screen‎2.0″ 16:9 TFT LCD

    3,7V, 3200Ah

    ‎Charging‎‎/direct/batteries only/fast charging/charger‎


    ‎Recording time‎‎ ‎‎without loading‎

    ‎Over 5 p.m. (720p)/up to 8 p.m. with IR LED‎

    ‎Motion detection ‎‎on/off‎


    ‎Pre/delayed recording/post recording/loop‎


    PTT funkcija


    ‎Memory:‎‎ ‎‎internal/external‎‎64‎‎ GB‎‎ (from 16 GB to 128 GB)/-‎
    ‎SD card support‎-
    ‎IR night lightening‎

    ‎2 IR LED, manual/automatic, ‎‎5 m facial recognition in complete darkness, 10 m – silhouette recognition‎



    LED pašvietimas

    1 LED

    ‎SOS (Police) function‎



    MiniUSB (USB2.0)

    ‎Quick start of filming‎


    ‎Data Transfer/LOG (Action History) function‎

    ‎Password protected ‎‎(fine-tune when ordering)‎‎-USB cable /+‎


    D-EYE 421 (64GB), Charger, USB cable, 2 metal-plastic clasps, CD‎


    ‎USB cable‎


    ‎1 attachable swivel 180‎‎°‎

    ‎1 attachable swivel 360‎‎°‎

    ‎Automatic data storage and charging‎

    ‎+ (using ‎‎the LEIDA‎‎ workstation data station – terminal)‎




    ‎Operating temperature/humidity/IP‎

    -30°C – 55°C/<90%/IP66

    ‎Distinctive features‎

    ‎Large-litre‎‎battery (PI-optimized)‎

    ‎Sound and light alarm function‎

    ‎Fast start of recording‎


    ‎Options: expanding memory‎

    ‎D-EyE 421 Portable Video Recorder‎

    ‎Distinctive features:‎

    ‎High-performance ‎‎Ambrella‎‎ chip lens/ Wide ‎‎140° ‎‎degree‎‎ lens‎

    ‎Photos with a maximum resolution ‎‎of 36 Mpx‎‎/Video with a maximum resolution ‎‎of 1920×1080/30 fps‎‎ ‎‎(view)‎

    ‎The powerful 3200 mAh built-in Li-Ion battery‎‎ and optimized software provide ‎‎up to 5 p.m. ‎‎ ‎‎continuous video recording‎

    ‎Functions for motion detection, preset and delayed start of a record‎

    ‎Quick Recording Start Feature – Playing a record with a single button/Device ID/Time/Date tag‎

    ‎Powerful ‎‎2 IR LED‎‎ manual/Visual and audible alarm function/automatic‎‎ low light (up to 10 m)‎‎(view)‎

    ‎Memory: Built-in ‎‎internal 64 GB‎‎ (standard) – about 13-hour record‎‎ capacity (1080p)(optional up to 128 GB)‎

    ‎Dimensions (mm)/Weight (g): ‎‎79x57x27‎‎/135 (with battery) + 32 (bracket)‎

    ‎Set: D-EYE 421 (64GB), Charger DC5V/1A, USB cable, 2 metal-plastic clasps‎

    ‎Additional options:‎

    ‎Memory expansion: up to 128 GB +30€ (Inquire)‎

    ‎D-EyE marking: D-EyE ABC: A-model/B-internal memory capacity/C-battery type (quantity)‎

    Musu policija

    ‎Portable video recorders are also known by other names: personal, body, portable, mobile video recorder, compact video camera, Police, Body camera or Body DVR (Police, Body), Low Enforcement (law enforcement) video camera and others.‎

    ‎Purpose and law‎

    ‎Prevention of crime (violations of the law), ensuring public order, can be used during‎
    ‎ operational (reconnaissance) tasks‎

    ‎The video recorder must be used in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data and regulated by by-laws. If the information collected by the video recorder is to be used for purposes other than determining the circumstances of‎‎the infringement‎‎, it is necessary to comply with the rules on the protection of personal data, with the exception of the fact that a criminal offence has been recorded.‎


    1. ‎Uploading a video online poses a direct threat to personal privacy;‎
    2. ‎Information collected by a video recorder to record an image of a social event that is relevant to the investigation of a violation of the law is subject to a mandatory requirement: the video must be seamless, i.e. continuous.‎
    D-EYE-D-EyE X6EL22A-VS
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