J-3 GSM antena

    J-3 GSM antena

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    J-3 gsm antena

    This high performing antenna can be used for all cellular devices and will not require changing antennas when deploying from country to country or technology to technology like cdma to gsm or 3g to 4g. Being magnetic mount it is designed to be mounted on a ground plane for optimal performance.

    Techniniai duomenys:

    Frequency range 698-960/1710-2700mhz

    Band width 262/990mhz

    Gain 3dbi v. S. W. R 2.0 radiation omni-direction

    Polarization vertical

    Maximum input power 50w

    Impedance 50

    Connector SMA male

    Cable type rg174

    Cable length 1m

    Antenna radome material steel wire

    Mount way magnetic mechanical dimensions 29x90mm weight 85g

    Operating temperature -40c to+70c 

    100 Prekės

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