Elektromechaninis vienpusis turniketas BT 312 D CAME ÖZAK

    Elektromechaninis vienpusis turniketas BT 312-S CAME ÖZAK

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    Elektromechaninis vienpusis turniketas BT 312-S CAME ÖZAK (miltelinio dažymo)

    • Viso aukščio turniketas vietoms, kuriose siekiama pėsčiųjų prieigos kontrolės ir aukšto lygio saugumo.
    • Siūlo patogesnius praėjimus, palyginti su 4 rankenų versijomis.
    • Suteikia du praėjimo kelius su vienu turniketu (dvipusis).
    • Turniketas standartiškai uždengtas stogu ir papildomai tiekiamas su skirtingomis medžiagomis.

    Techninės specifikacijos: atsisiunt sąmatą pdf formatu

    Place of use Indoors, Outdoors 
    Operating temperature, humidity-20°C/+68°C (opt. -50°C with heater positive), RH %95 non-condensing.
    Operating Intensity%100, 7/24 use
    Body / Arm Features

    Built on main carriers and supported with pipe beams on sides, consisting of waterproof and protecting top lid, mechanical compartment side panels and completely closed ceiling. Can be completely disassembled.

    Three-section rotor (120°), each having 9 (10 in optional 2120 mm clear passage height) one-by-one demountable arms.

    Optionally complies with UK H&S regulation of s98 mm gap between upright profiles.

    Combination options with different material choices:

    BT 312BT 312-25BT 312-100
    BodyElectrostatic powder coating on hot-dip galvanized steelElectrostatic powder coating on hot-dip galvanized steel304 grade (opt. 316 grade)*
    Arms Electrostatic powder coating on hot-dip galvanized steel, 042×2,5 mm.

    304 grade (opt. 316 grade)*

    stainless steel, 040×2,0 mm.

    304 grade (opt. 316 grade)*

    stainless steel, 040×2,0 mm.

     Finishing: Orbital brushed matt (opt, electrostatic powder coating on stainless steel).

    Indicators / IlluminationStatus - Direction Indicators: LED, standard/LED passageway illumination standard.

    Operating Voltage: 110/220V AC 50/60 Hz. (=%10), 24V DC.

    Consumption: about 14W at stand-by, max - 50W (varies according to the options and accessories used).

    Operating Modes

    The system operates bi-directionally (entry-exit).

    Operation modes can be changed through dip switch, PC and/or Android app.

    Entry-exit controlled

    Entry-controlled, exit free

    Entry-free, exit controlled

    Single input in both directions use

    Entry-exit free

    Operating SystemElectromechanical manual operation (opt. electromechanical motorized operation).
    Control System

    All functions, parameters and operating modes can be changed through the control board (microprocessor controlled), PC (Windows) and/or Android app. Firmware can be updated. All past function updates and changes are kept in the server and records can be traced.

    All inputs are opto-coupler protected.

    Controllable by dry contact (ground control).

    Compatible with all kinds of access control devices.

    Optional R$232, RS485 or TCP/IP module is available

    Flow Rate

    Passage capacity (manual): max. 48 cycle/min. Nominal: ~25 pass/min.

    Passage capacity (motorized): max. 40 cycle/min. Nominal: ~20 pass/min (nominal passage rate can change depending on the access control system utilized)

    Emergency modeThe system allows free passage (entry-exit) in both directions (fail-safe). Works compatible with fire warnings and similar systems. At the end of an emergency situation, the system returns to its normal operating mode. 
    Power-off Situation The system allows free passage (entry-exit) in both directions (fall safe). Optionally, can be set (fail secure) as; entry-exit locked, entry-free-exit locked, or entry locked-exit free. Free passage in chosen direction by manual override key in the fail secure option is available.
    Weight about 275kg
    Optional Features and accessoriesMotor-driven unit, wireless remote control (receiver-transmitter), manual control, manual override key (with fail secure option), counter (with/without reset), card reader mounting bracket, passage completion sensor, contactless passage sensor (for motorized models), heater positive, canopy, the bottom plate (standard or for forklift handling), battery back-up, 316-grade stainless steel, R$232-RS485-Т/P modules, limiter, 2120 mm clear passage height, mechanics compartment accessibility from the ceiling, trombone arms, different color choices, compliance with UK H&S regulation of 598 mm gap between upright profiles.


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